Brilla Juniors Soccer Club

Who We Are


Brilla JUNIORS is a community based soccer organization that exists to inspire, develop, and challenge young men and women to succeed on and off the field, in all areas of their lives.

We intend to provide a pathway of programs that will educate and challenge players, parents, coaches, and referees to drive the development of the game in our state and improve the quality of players in our pipeline.


  • Family - We strive for our teams and training center environments to be as community focused as possible and create family environments inside of our teams for players to be comfortable and grow. We also place significant value on the family of each of our players and are thankful to be a part of the families of each player.
  • Respect - We want players to learn to respect themselves, teammates, opponents, their parents and coaches.
  • Integrity - We believe it's a necessity and strive to instill this in our players.
  • Humility - We want players who are confident in themselves and their abilities but learn to operate with a team mindset and view team success more highly than medals
  • Sustainability - We want to be a part of providing teams for players in their own communities for as long as possible, so we make strategic decisions that are based on long term progress rather than short term success.